Books and Catalogues



Hendrik Kolenberg, Anne Ryan and Helen Campbell

"Musings on Life and Death, and some of the things that happen along the way”, Catalogue for the exhibition at John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY 2017

With some Thoughts and observations by Tine Lundsfryd

"Traverse", Catalogue for the exhibition with Essay by Peter Bonner , William Holman Gallery, NY NY 2016

Louvre, New York 2012

Artworks and Artwords exhibition, Sydney 2011

Articles and Reviews

Art & Antiques January/February 2024


CNQ draws Peter Bonner, Barbara Laube, and Ben Pritchard at M.David

Conversation Between Peter Bonner and David Cohen (Unedited) during the Exhibition "The Plains" at John Davis Gallery, NY- May 2019

Review of "White Turning" , New York, by David Cohen 2015

Peter Bonner's Louvre:Working to See

Essay By Valerie Cornell 2012

Observations on the work included in the exhibition “Sitting Space V’s Standing Space”, BY Rosemary Crumlin and DR Robin Kingston

Monash University, Melbourne, February 2010

Artist draws on Perceptions, Karen Stichtenoth, 2004

"Referential", an exhibition on Collage

Peter Bonner, Kathy Caraccio ,Oliver Rivera-Drew(berlin) Fiona Halse ,Eleanor Hart, Jason Haufe, Theo Strasser ,Stan Van Steendam (Brussels), Benjy Barnhart (Munich), Panos Famelis (Greece)

Berlin Germany 2016

Selected Website Listings

Art Grind PODCAST Ep:90 Jan 15 2023

"Other Sides & Other Sizes"

Paintings by Peter Bonner, Barbara Laube, and Ben Pritchard

Speaker at Presence- drawing Symposium 2021- National Art School Sydney


Peter Bonner, Dianne Bowen, Claire Corey, Roya Farassat, Kylie Heidenheimer, Seren Morey, Sophie Plimpton, Richard Rivera, Becky Yazdan, Raphael Zollinger

Station Independent projects NY NY 2017

Curated by David Gibson

Curated the exhibition "Traverse" with Farideh Sakhaeifar and Rebecca Bird, at the William Holman gallery, NY NY February 17th - march 24th 2016

Art Critical's Pick MArch 2015

A visit to the studio by Hillary Sproatt of 'Specks & Keepings' June 26th 2012

Verdad Magazine, Spring 2012

Peter Bonner & his work, "at Service...". Blog by Joren Lindholm, March 2011

The Dobell drawing Prize AGNSW, 1997